In short… YES! In the fast paced world of marketing, video is getting BIGGER while at the same time they are getting shorter.

So why are they getting shorter? Only a year or so ago brand videos, corporate videos, explainer videos and promotional videos would run around the two minute mark. This was considered about the average attention span for watching a video on-line, based on data analytics from Google. But with so much content out there we just don’t have the time to sit through a whole two minutes. Let’s face it we just digest information a lot faster than we used to. This goes for most aspects of the way we consume media. Think about it. Compare a film made in the 90’s to a similar film made today. The plot, action, reveals all come a lot faster than they used to. Take the News for example, we’d once buy a newspaper and read from cover to cover. Now we get our news from an App or Tik Tok or Twitter. This isn’t a bad thing it’s just the way it is in our fast paced connect world.



In 2019 Google’s search engine algorithms are seeking out video content to help find websites. In fact, according to Google, about 75% of internet traffic is in the form of video, and that’s only getting stronger year on year. That’s why websites with video content tend to be ranked higher in Google. Or those that use video as a major part of their social media and marketing strategy. Think about it, Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, Twitter are all pushing video content more and more. Without video you would never of heard of “YouTube Influencers” who play a major part in the way we learn about trends, etc.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t room for long form videos, but in general if you want to convey a message, idea or brand using video it’s best to aim for one minute. If you’ve got a complex subject you might find one minute isn’t enough. But if you can’t grab your audience in that one minute and communicate the necessary information your video production company, agency or director hasn’t done their job.