Explainer Videos, how much?

Why are explainer videos in such high demand? Because, a good explainer film is direct, visual and effective. It’s really that simple. The search terms “explainer video” and “explainer film” have increased exponentially year on year.

A common misconception is animated explainers are inexpensive compared to live actions ones. Animated or live action explainer films can cost anywhere between £2k and £50k. Because the truth is a good explainer doesn’t come down to cost; it depends on the idea and how your video production company executes your vision.

So where do you start and how do you know which one you can afford?

First do your research, YouTube.com and Vimeo.com are good places to start. Compare a few live action explainers to animated ones. See which you prefer and what style suits your message or product. 

Here are some examples of animated explainer videos over live action explainer videos:

Research over and, hopefully, you’ve landed on the style you prefer. Copy, paste and save the links to the videos you like. You’ll use these videos as a reference when you commission a video production company, or just do it yourself.  

The next thing is determine your budget. How much are you willing to pay? Of course the bigger your budget the more scope you have when producing your video. But budget isn’t everything and a good explainer comes down to the idea and how it’s executed. 

So now you know whether you want live action or animation. You have reference films to help a video production company see your vision and you know you budget.  Now it’s time to pick up the phone or send an email and reach out to a video production agency of your choice. 

We promise you armed with these three vital points you’ll get the video you want. Even if your reference videos are from a Hollywood movie opening sequence and your budget is only a few thousand pounds, any video production agency worth their salt will be able to use your reference videos to achieve your vision.