As editors our job is to craft the footage we’re given into something watchable. Most of the time we’re trying to tell a story, convey a message or sell you an idea / product. That’s a lot to do especially as we’ve usually got between 30-120 seconds to do so.

Often the ratio of footage we get to footage that ends up on the screen can be disproportionate, hence a lot of the footage is left on the “cutting room floor”. It’s not that the footage we leave out is bad or doesn’t look good, it may just be that it doesn’t add to the narrative or compliment other shots in the sequence. So we end up with a lot of unused footage that will never see the light of day. Which is a shame because a lot of hard work and creativity went into getting that footage.

So what can be done with the footage figuratively left on the cutting room floor? Simple, make more videos! This is a trend we’re seeing more and more especially as footage is much easier to shoot, store, access and share. Gone are the days of hiring Digi-Beta decks and towers of video tape taking up space around the office. Today we can fit the equivalent of a large box of Digi-Beta tapes on SD cards that fit in your pocket.

It’s a solution that works for both the client and the production company. The client continues to get new videos without the cost of hiring a film crew to go out and shoot and the production company gets repeat business from their existing clients.

We practice this with most of our clients. This won’t work for every type of shoot but more often than not it does. With the unused footage we produce new TV spots and branded content videos or fun shorts that can be shared via social media.


eurocamp case study

Annually we’re commissioned to produce a slate of promo films for Eurocamps family glamping holiday parcs. For a month we’re on location in France, Italy, Spain, Croatia filming hours of footage. Each video runs between 60-90 seconds which means we literally have hours of footage left over. Eurocamp contacted us with some great ideas to promote different aspects of their holidays and asked us to use any footage we didn’t use to create their latest promo films



To date we’ve produced regional films, kids clubs films and a series of ‘Best of’ films, all from unused footage.