Theory Films

Insights 01

This is an Anamorphic Instillation Test shoot we did on iPhone at Old Street Tube Station for a pitch. Overlays created by the team at Theory Films.

are videos getting shorter?

In short… YES! In the fast paced world of marketing video is getting BIGGER while at the same time…

how to get the most from your footage

As editors our job is to craft the footage we’re given into something watchable, even poetic. But what do you do with all the B-Roll footage you haven’t used? 

Some ideas what to do with your b-roll.

the top 7 websites that inspire us

It can be hard to find inspiration, especially when your in an office environment all day.

Some of our talented creatives have shared the websites that inspire them. 

are showreels pointless?

We’re not sure either. We made the anti-showreel to show you what great content creators we are.