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Marketing Departments

We’re more than just a production company, think of us as a mini agency. We’re here to guide and assist you at every step of the production process.

First we’d discuss your video idea, target audience, customer demographics and other key information relating to you and your service or product. Then we’d develop an idea based on our conversation and pitch it to you. This could include reference films, pre-visualisations, music, etc.

If you like our idea we start pre-production. A dedicated producer will cover every aspect of the shoot, including schedules, logistics, and every element required for each stage of production, including delivery. You can speak with your producer and the director at any stage of the project.

If your film is part of a larger campaign we’ll take into consideration all your branding guidelines and the creative so your film will integrate seamlessly into your established campaign. Or we can create visuals that are totally original – we never buy off the shelf.

At the end we deliver you the finished film and, hopefully, exceeded your expectations along the way.

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