It can be hard finding inspiration, especially when you’re in an office environment most of the day, digging deep trying to come up with that next awesome short film or developing a creative idea.

So when we hit a brick wall or just can’t come up with a single good idea we often, not always, but often retreat into the web.

So here’s a selection of our go-to sites that are perfect for inspiration and procrastination…




A tech / science / entertainment / news and comments site, with 10 – 20 new stories a day. Make sure you go to the WTF section to read some oddly interesting articles. They’ve also featured some of our films, so that makes them win.



The Verge covers anything techy geeks love. With new, in-depth, articles daily. Great place to read about robotic farms, flying cars and the latest gadgets for whatever you might need a gadget for.



We use Spotify ALL. THE. TIME in our studio, either for hunting down obscure but brilliant music for the next project, or just for pumping out some Bieber in the studio (Clemens Bieber, the German Tenor. Marvellous)




If we’re stuck on an idea or our creative juices are a little gluggy we might take some time out and watch a Ted Talks or three. We don’t look for anything in particular we just watch. Anything from inside the mind of a master procrastinator or the future of intuitive artificial intelligence. Ted Talks has the power to inspire us or just kill 20 minutes without feeling too guilty.



Great for hunting any kind of Spotify playlists, is better to use than Spotify’s own playlist search. Also great at discovering obscure old Bieber tracks (Justin Bieber, the little music man-mess. Marvellous).



So this one’s mainly a news and comments site about photography, equipment, video and industry stuff. Always lots of new content every day so a good one to check in on regularly.



Vimeo always has loads of good new stuff. We’re either kicking back watching the latest “Staff Picks” or frantically searching a specific category to find inspiration – often with great results..

Factoid: Our film for Google, Address Is Approximate, is actually one of the top 10 most liked videos of all time on there



Honorable mention


Google Earth VR with Oculus Rift

Okay, this isn’t a website but if you’ve not tried this yet we urge you to do so, ASAP! Slip on the rift go anywhere in the world. The headphones pump our a gentle tapping beat and soothing harmonics as you fly across the globe. Take a stroll in downtown Tokyo or stand on the highest ledge of the Chrysler Building in New York. Fly down the River Thames, under bridges, before rocketing to Victoria Falls before turning day into night with the swish of your hand. Just incredible