Al fresco

In light of the recent pandemic Al Fresco holidays wanted to produce a NEW brand film using footage we filmed in 2015.

The concept:  highlight the space and freedom free spirited families can have on an Al Fresco holiday.

Produce a fun brand overview film to integrate with a new social media campaign


We went for a method approach with this film with the concept that the entire video was filmed on a mobile phone. When we got to a location we gave the family some direction then we gave them the selfie stick and let them run with it, in some cases literally. We wanted this film to feel slightly homemade and natural, like a real home video should.

family fun


Produce a film showing all the fun a family can have on an Al Fresco holiday.


We filmed the family and friends scenes over several days on location in Italy, and cut these scenes with actual families and people from parcs we filmed through Spain, France and Italy.

outdoor living


produced series of accommodation films highlighting the range of luxury homes you can stay in with Al Fresco

your choice


produce a slate of family themed parc films highlighting what the family can do on an al-fresco holiday.


With hundreds of parcs across Europe Al Fresco need to show how different parcs are from each other.

Some have a more adventurous vibe where the kids can play and the parents can chill. Other parcs are more suited to young families with babies and toddlers and have a much slower pace

We shoot and edit each film to reflect the vibe and tone of the parc. Crucially there must be a good contrast between parcs.

We want the viewer to know if this is the right holiday choice for them just by watching the film.