01. Brief

Fatface is more than just a company that makes quality clothes. They are an institution in and of themselves, with their own story to tell- one where success isn’t so much about what you wear but how proud they make people feel when worn. This internal brand film was designed as an emotional celebration for FatFace’s very own team members: making sure everyone feels proud to be part of the brands extended family. 

02. Approach

We wanted this film to convey a feeling, a feeling of freedom, pride and passion in what you do. So the idea was to create a film akin to a nebulous, free -form visual poem. Never still, always moving, always Fatface.

Put another (perhaps less abstract) way, our intention is to create a two to three minute film that uses a mix of animated stills and high-end stock footage, edited in a contemporary, flowing style that draws in the viewer and compels them to watch until the very last frame.

Instead of using on screen graphics to tell the story, we used a perfectly judged voice-over, a great music track and rich sound design.

From beginning to end, the idea was to limit the number of ‘cuts’ in the film. Instead, we transitioned from one visual to the next in a seamless, flowing way pulling the viewer into the film, and not letting them go!

03. ROI

The Fatface team were thrilled with the final film and felt it conveyed their tone and message perfectly. In addition to rolling it out to their staff, Fatface decided to use this video as the opener to their 2021 Virtual Conference. Kinda of a big deal.