physical markets

london metal exchange

Produce a punchy brand film that gives a full overview of who the London Metal Exchange are, what they do and how they do it


There's more to metals trading than men in suits shouting and making seemingly rude hand gestures at each other. We broke down metal trading into easily digestible bite-sized nuggets of information. The live action was a mix of b-roll footage and stylised graphics all created in-house.



produce a dynamic opener for the london metal exchanges annual conference.

the opener

The annual LME global conference always starts with the eagerly anticipated LME Opener. It’s the chance to see a bite-sized story of what the they've been doing the past year. Played to an audience of thousands the conference openers need to be dynamic, entertaining but informative.

let's make it easy


produce a slate of live action films explaining to new customers what the London metal exchange do and how they do it.


We produced a slate of explainer films covering a wide range of subject matters associated with trading specifically with the LME. Instead of going down the usual explainer route using motion graphics we opted to let the LME tell us themselves

making it easy


produce an animated films that explains how the London metal exchange works.