01. Brief

Create a 90-second film, targeted at C-Suite executives, to promote the Minerva Advanced Delivery Platform and explain how it works.

02. Approach

The primary challenge for this film was defining a motion graphics style that best represents the ADP and the tone of the film. The secondary challenge was figuring out how we can combine the live action footage, filmed by Minerva, with the motion graphics sections to create a seamless, consistent flow from beginning to end.

Our answer to both is simple; use a consistent graphical element that ties each section together, propels the film forward and gives us a clear visual motif throughout.

This gave us the idea of using a flowing, evolving line motif throughout the film.

We created an ever-evolving flowing line as the building block to create all graphical elements in this film, from the main motion graphics visualisations to graphics added in to the live-action footage, and everything in between.

03. ROI

This film is just the first of many films Minerva intend to use to create brand awareness within the bunkering community and promote their innovative platforms.