about us

Why Theory Films

Theory Films was established in 2009 by co- founders Simon and Tom.

Simon came from a broadcast television and commercial advertising background while Tom was an accomplished features film and video editor and CGI artist. Realising their skills complemented each other they decided to start their own video production company.

Their vision was to create a video production company that pooled together their collective resources and connections they had made over the years, only using the right people for the job and just the crew that was needed. This approach meant they could produce the highest quality work and pass on any savings to the client.

Since 2009 the Theory Films model has been a success. We continue to produce award winning films, work and collaborate with great clients big and small using only the most knowledgeable and experienced crew for each job.

A Production Company working with Big and Small

We’re focused on producing the best videos possible that sit within your budget, big or small. We use our expertise to make films that are fresh and unique, specialising in content that’s fitted specifically for your needs. We make sure the films we make connect with your new or current customers.

Unlike much of the content that now exists, we take the time to ensure the corporate videos , brand films and explainer films we make for you are unique and innovative – and most importantly give you an awesome return on your investment.

So if you have a small budget or a big budget you get the same level of commitment, service and passion from our dedicated team.

We're Here to Make the Process as Simple as Possible

Since 2009 Theory Films has grown into one of the UK’s leading video production houses having won accolades and two Webby Awards for producing outstanding video content for some of the world’s biggest brands.

We’re innovative and continuously strive to break new ground on a creative and technical level. Our creative family include experienced commercials and corporate video producers, award winning writers and directors and incredibly talented video editors and animators.
Our mission is to produce videos that exceed your expectations. Videos that connect with your target audience and convey your message.