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Choosing the right production Team

What is a promo video?

A promo video, short for promotional video, is a short video created to promote a product, service, event, brand, or idea. Promo videos are a powerful marketing tool used to engage and captivate an audience, generate interest, and encourage viewers to take specific action, such as purchasing, signing up for a newsletter, attending an event, or learning more about a product or service.
Critical characteristics of promo videos include:

1. Short Duration: Promo videos are typically brief, ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes. They aim to convey a compelling message quickly and efficiently.

2. Engaging Content: These videos often feature dynamic visuals, persuasive storytelling, and compelling calls to action to grab the viewer’s attention and keep them engaged.

3. Clear Message: Promo videos convey a clear and concise message about the product, service, or event they promote. They highlight key features or benefits.

4. Visual Appeal: Visual elements, such as graphics, animations, and video clips, are commonly used to make the video visually appealing and memorable.

5. Branding: Promo videos often incorporate branding elements like logos, slogans, and brand colors to reinforce brand identity.

6. Distribution: They are commonly shared on various platforms, including websites, social media, email marketing, and television, to reach a broad audience.

7. Call to Action (CTA): Promo videos usually include a CTA that directs viewers to take a specific action, such as visiting a website, making a purchase, or contacting a company.

Promo videos can take various forms, including product demos, event teasers, and brand introductions. They are versatile and effective marketing tools to promote businesses, products, services, and events in today’s digital age.

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Promo Videos we've made:

Successful promo video prodution

How to make a great promo video

Define Your Objectives:

We start by clarifying your goals. What do you want to achieve with your promo video? Are you looking to increase sales, boost brand awareness, promote an event, or educate your audience?

Keep It Simple:

Keep your message simple. You want to inspire your audience, not confuse them.

Know Your Audience:

Understand your target audience's preferences, interests, and pain points. Tailor your message and content to resonate with them.

Craft a Compelling Message:

Develop a clear and concise message that communicates the value of your product, service, or idea. Highlight the key benefits or unique selling points.

Write a Killer Script:

Write a script that effectively conveys your message. Keep it concise, engaging, and on-brand. Use tried and tested storytelling techniques to create an emotional connection.

Storyboard Your Video:

Create a visual plan for your video, outlining scenes, shots, and transitions. This helps ensure a smooth production process.

Keep it Short and Engaging:

Promo videos should be concise, typically under two minutes. Grab your viewers' attention in the first few seconds and maintain engagement.

Include a Strong Call to Action (CTA):

Encourage viewers to take action by including a clear and compelling CTA, such as visiting your website, signing up, or making a purchase.

Promo Video CaSe Studies:

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Introducing GiG’s new smart-platform to a new audience wanting to level up their gaming business.
See Case Study


Explaining a new SaaS system with just two clicks instead of four.
See Case Study

What our clients say :

"Without exception these are excellent pieces of work. All videos work very hard for us telling our story and do better than any video we've had before."
Stijn Depraetwre
CEO, Europcamp
How it works

Our Promo VIDEO Production Process:

Here’s how we go from initial ideation through to final delivery of your promo video:

Our process begins with a development meeting to discuss the script, the visuals, and our shared goals. Once everyone is aligned, we proceed to the pre-production phase.

We write and refine the script until you’re happy with its content. We research suitable voice-over artists and start designing any animated assets. Once everything is approved, we move on to production.

We’ll be on set or at a studio location if we’re filming Live-Action. If the film is animated, we’ll start creating the assets and animations and begin to pre-visualize the entire story. Once these have been signed off, we move on to post-production.

Working from the storyboard, we edit your film, enhancing it with music, bespoke sound design, and a temporary voice-over (if required). We then present the fully edited film/s to you. You may have some minor adjustments, and we happily refine the film until you’re happy. The final step involves recording and laying the proper voice-over before delivering the finished films.

We deliver the video to the exact video specifications requested. We can provide a 4K and HD copy with varying file sizes, so you have no issues uploading or sharing.

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Other Types of video Content we Produce:

Whether you’re looking a brand video or an explainer animation, a multi-million dollar TV commercial or e-learning video content, look no further. Our team have produced a diverse range of award-winning videos for some of the worlds most trusted and recognised brands and agencies, so you’re in safe hands.

Promo Video Production FAQs :

We recommend a run time between 30 seconds and 90 seconds, depending on how complex your message is.

Our typical price range is between £5000 – £50,000, depending on the complexity of your message and animation style.

This will depend on the complexity of the message, style, and the run-time of your promo film. Typically between 6 – 12 weeks.

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WHy Partner with Theory FIlms?

Theory Films is an award-winning production company specializing in high-quality content for trusted brands, media agencies, corporate clients, Governments, and advertising agencies.

Based in Wandsworth, London, Theory Films was set up in 2009 to create exceptional films the viewer wants to watch, and till the end! Since then, we’ve crafted hundreds of films for clients, including Google, FatFace, Heineken, Nexus Studios, Publicis, Hasbro, HP,, and Seymour Powell, and have consistently won prestigious awards.

We believe in building strong working relationships with our clients because that’s how we produce our best work for you.


Theory Films are one of the UK’s leading corporate video production agencies. Here to connect you with your audience through video.

Theory Films are one of the UK’s leading corporate video production agencies. Here to connect you with your audience through video.