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No matter what your goal or need, be it building brand awareness, explaining a new product or service or increasing sales, our video content will get your message across.

Why choose Theory Films?

We’ll help make your company stand out from your competitors. When you commission us, you’re not just getting a production crew—you’re hiring a team who’ll work hard to help you achieve exactly want you need for a successful video.

We do more than provide services like video production, idea development, animation, photography; instead our team is fully devoted to your project. Building a productive working relationship with you is the only way to achieve your video production targets. 


Two Friends

Fatface, the company that started it all. There has been a lot of nostalgia for this brand since their inception and they are not slowing down anytime soon either!


Let's Explain

We’re all about helping you stay in the know. Filestage is a modern review and proofing platform that understands your need for convenience. This video was created explain this new system with just two clicks of one button instead of four!

How we work.

Our in-house team of creative directors and producers will take your ideas and make them come alive. We build the perfect team for your project using our network of experienced film makers and creatives, all with incredibly diverse industry experience between them. This ensures high production values no matter what type project we do; be it big budget corporate work, broadcast TV commercials, digital content, down to those smaller projects governed by tight deadlines where speed really does mean everything.

This means you don’t pay for excessive overhead costs other agencies charge, just because they’re paying for an oversized office space in central London.


Free Spirits

The TUI team had a huge blast making this promo video!
This campaign was about capturing the freedom and spontaneity that comes with being on Tui holiday.


How Do You Trade Commodities?

Prepare for an experience like no other with the James Bond inspired film, introducing a brand new on-line trading platform.


Open your world

This stunning hybrid live action and 3D animation is the header for Heineken’s global Open Your World campaign. This aired at IMAX cinema’s around the world.

What we make.

We don’t just make videos, we tell stories! Our diverse range of content includes everything from live action and animation to corporate videos and virtual conferences. We have a team for every type of content need- so if you’re looking for something specific or would like some assistance in developing a concept for your own campaign, we got you covered.

Below are examples for each type of video we produce.

Here East

We Are All Makers

The iconic Olympic Park is home to London’s new tech campus. This film captures the ambition, innovation and diversity that embodies this world-class innovation hub!


Happy Place

A lonely RC toy truck uses it’s imagination to go on an adventure and find its Happy Place.

What our clients say


Is there a better way to bunker?

This ADP film takes a closer look at how Minerva’s new technology will transform the bunkering process.
It provides an in-depth analysis of its features and benefits, all designed to tease new customers to their website.



TVC for a new flower delivery service is launching in London. It’s the perfect time to spice up your life with some fresh blooms, especially when you need them fast!


The New Normal

FANtech has created a new, innovative video for their Kickstarter campaign that will excite and engage all audiences.

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