white label service

Theory Films co-founders Simon and Tom (AKA Sharp and Jenkins) are an award winning directing duo. They have been providing a white label service to agencies for over a decade. Simon and Tom slot easily into a big (or small) collaborative team and are always hands on with pitching, test shoots, animatics and edits. They’ve worked with some fantastic agencies including Nexus Studios, Publicis, Sony Studios and Poke London so  know what’s expected of them.

Their films have won awards and had millions of hits worldwide so if you’re looking for some magical realism with plenty of heart they’re your guys.

working with brands

We’ve been producing  content for B2B and B2C brands for over a decade. We work closely with your creative team to produce outstanding content that is original and ensure you get the highest quality film and service possible.

We can create content from the ground up or if your film is part of a larger campaign we’ll take into consideration all your branding guidelines and the creative so your film will integrate seamlessly into your established campaign. Or we can create visuals that are totally original – we never buy off the shelf.

At the end we deliver you the finished film and, hopefully, exceeded your expectations along the way.

in-house content production

Our creative and experienced team offer a wide range of content driven services for any stage of your production. 

Please contact us to find out what we can do for you.