The Thick of It

01. Brief

Create a high-level 90-second film, targeted at a varied audience who may not currently use a Review and Proofing platform. The main aim –  promote Filestage and explain how it works.

02. Approach

In development we carried out an audit of Filestage’s competitors’ videos and found none of them use their headline explainer films in particularly creative, engaging ways.

Therefore, we thought here’s a big opportunity to stand out in the market with a film based around a strong concept. 

Our concept put the emphasis on the finished product, how much better it could be when using Filestage. It plays on the notion that whatever you’re collaborating on might not be achieving its potential, because of the inefficiencies in the reviewing and proofing stage.

Hence we follow a visual representation of an ‘idea’ from the bright spark of its creation, through to the review and proofing stage, where the ‘idea’ can either begin to slowly wither (if not using Filestage), or flourish (when using Filestage).

The visual representation will literally be a beautiful, glowing spark, darting around our frame with an energetic life of its own.

By playing on the notion of setting your ideas free,  Filestage is protecting and nurturing your creativity so it doesn’t shrivel under the weight of bad communication, misunderstandings, delays and admin mess.

This idea helps us tap into the powerful concept of ‘humanising ’ the product – both the platform itself and the ‘idea’ that’s being reviewed. After all, nobody wants to be responsible for something dying, so let Filestage save the day.

03. ROI

The film is currently used to do draw in new customers from across the country and internationally. Filestage has seen a 78% increase in website engagement, as well as an influx of contact enquiries since they’ve incorporated this video content into their marketing campaigns!