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Pointr Express
Video Type:
Promo / Explainer

The Brief:

Pointr required a promotional film to showcase and explain their intelligent indoor location and waypoint finder technology in a retail environment. 

This film aims to provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of how Pointr technology operates and benefits retail businesses and their customers.

The brief - pointr video
Pointr Express Before and After

The Challenge:

When we accepted the task of creating a promotional / explainer film for Pointr, we knew that the biggest challenge would be finding the right location for two reasons.

Firstly, Pointr required a spacious location to demonstrate the advantages of using their waypoint finder technology effectively. 

Secondly, Pointr assigned the project to us in December and needed the video ready for launch by mid-January. This meant we had a very restricted timeframe to complete the entire production process, from writing the script to the final editing.

Challenge 1: We took on the task of transforming a regular store located near the M3 into an extraordinary Mega-mall. To achieve this feat, we enlisted the help of advanced generative AI technology. The AI worked its magic by analysing and synthesising various design elements, transforming the mundane store into a magnificent Mega-mall.

To ensure that the end result was nothing short of impressive, our team of talented FX artists added the finishing touches. They smoothed out any rough edges and refined the details to make the Mega-mall look as authentic and awe-inspiring as possible.

Challenge 2: Filming during the Christmas season posed a significant challenge. Elaborate Christmas decorations, glittering ornaments, sparkling lights, and vibrant colours covered every inch of the location, which made the shoot incredibly difficult. Our objective was to avoid any references to Christmas and this added another layer of complexity to the shoot.

Our Approach:

To overcome this obstacle, we decided to shoot the scenes in a way that minimized the visibility of these decorations. However, some of the decorations and trees still ended up being visible in certain parts of the video. To fix this issue, we resorted to editing them out during post-production. Although, we couldn’t completely eliminate the decorations from every frame.

To ensure that we had maximum control over the on-screen elements, we chose to shoot most of the script in “Nana’s” house. This way, we could meticulously curate every detail and avoid any unwanted surprises during filming. By carefully selecting the props, we were able to make sure that everything on-screen was in line with the story and the overall aesthetic of the production. This approach allowed us to create a seamless and cohesive look throughout the entire video.

Filming scene of Nanas house

The Video:

Dad tries to save vase in new pointr express promo video

The Result:

Our client was very happy with the results achieved and went on to share some positive feedback from their colleagues on the company’s SLACK channel. The feedback included comments such as “I really enjoyed the Super Bowl half-time show”, “I absolutely loved it!” and “This is so good, great job!”. The feedback was a clear indication of the success of the project, and the team was pleased to receive such positive responses.

“Theory Films has been a fantastic partner for our project, and I cannot recommend them more highly.”
Ray Weaver, CMO
Pointr Express

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Theory Films are one of the UK’s leading corporate video production agencies. Here to connect you with your audience through video.

Theory Films are one of the UK’s leading corporate video production agencies. Here to connect you with your audience through video.