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address is approximate


Create a brand film to raise awareness of Google Street View maps.


The idea was to create an emotional connection between the viewer and Google Streetview. We wanted to make sure that the story wasn't technical but emotive. We wanted it to be shared. We took the direction of what if Street View was used to visit places you can't reach yourself? This was the heart of the film from which we built our story


The shoot took place at one location over 6 days. Because we used stop motion animation each scene took several hours to shoot. To give it a more cinematic and stylised look each frame was taken on a long exposure.


With no marketing campaign behind it Address is Approximate has had over 6 MILLION hits worldwide with over 1 MILLION hits in the first week. It was voted one of the BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME on Vimeo and also won the prestigious WEBBY Award for BEST VIRAL.

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