Happy Place

01. Brief

Produce a branded content “short film” to be shown at the huge annual Maisto conference in Japan.

02. Approach

We wanted to help create and emotional connection between the Maisto brand and their customers, so we came up with a story about a toy car braking free from the shackles of the toy store.

We wanted to film all the special FX in-camera so we used a technique called forced perspective. By hacking a Sony A7 camera we developed a way to make small toys look huge.

The bulk of the film was shot in Death Valley,  near Area 51. This was the only location where we were surround by rock for miles on every side. But it also helped convey the sense of isolation our hero truck feels in the film.

03. ROI

Happy Place was premiered at Maisto’s launch event in Japan and received rave reviews from everybody including the president of Maisto himself.